ULIX provides an expert “pricing” analysis for the property followed by a detailed marketing strategy to make the SALE successful! 

At ULIX, you are collaborating with experts who blends real estate knowledge with entrepreneurial creativity. We will listen to your needs and goals, use available data and personalize an optimal strategy to make your property more appealing to potential buyers, and be by your side during the entire selling process.

Selling a home is often led factors to guide your future decisions. Whether you are a first-time home seller or a someone who had sold several homes, selling your home can be intimidating and stressful. ULIX will help you understand what to expect during the sale process and what to think about when you are considering to selling your home.

Here is how ULIX can help you.

  1. Clarify and understand why you are selling your home.

  2. Analyze the market and better understand the range of outcomes you can expect.

  3. Prepare your home for listing (De-clutter, clean, repair, and etc.).

  4. Get ready for your photoshoot (Stage the property).

  5. Market your home through internet marketing and traditional marketing.

  6. Settle on a schedule for holding open houses and doing showings.

  7. Decide on your pricing strategy and price your home.

  8. Negotiate for you after receiving a legitimate offer

  9. Maintain communication throughout the process (inspections, disclosures, subject removals, and etc.).

  10. Successfully complete the sale.

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